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Is Chinese important?

With regards to the above question, much has been said by many people all over the world. As an experienced educator for Chinese Language, I feel a strong obligation to share my viewpoint from the education point of view. As with anything and everything in life, to each his or her own, there is no absolute right or wrong therefore you have your right to agree or disagree with me.

Reason 1: Chinese Language has become one of the most widely spoken language around the whole world. You would be very surprised by the amount of people that actually speaks the language, native speakers or not. And it is no longer a rare sight to see and hear Africans or Americans speaking fluently in Chinese inside or outside China. Therefore by learning Chinese, you will find yourself being able to communicate with quite a bit of people all over the world. The benefit of this is easy to understand, whether in business or in travel.

Reason 2: Chinese Language is not easy to learn as compared to some other languages in the world. Due to the Chinese intonation and Chinese characters, this will provide the opportunity to build up one's perseverance through the learning process. The pronunciation of words will allow the learner to become more expressive in terms of verbal communication in future. The writing of Chinese characters, whether in the form of calligraphy or not, will allow the learner to become more patient and persevering as repetition is necessary to get the hang of things.

Reason 3: Chinese Language has a strong and ancient culture that is more than 5000 years old behind it. This means that there are a lot of information and knowledge that can be learnt from the wisdom of the human ancestors, so long as you are able to comprehend Chinese in depth. Despite the many years of turbulent history throughout, many of the very valuable classics have managed to survive the test of time and have become available to us, so long as you are able to read and understand. There might be people who argue that you can just rely on the translated works of these precious classics, but that will be a secondary source which can never beat experiencing the works yourself first-hand.

There are a thousand and one other reasons to learn this language, but my opinion is definitely a biased one being an educator who is crazily passionate about it. Well, the best thing is to judge by yourself by learning the language! Never try, never know!! Have fun learning too!!!

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